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Shipping rates

Shipping within the Netherlands (1-5 business days) - FREE

Shipping to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Denmark, UK, Spain, Sweden, Italy (2-8 business days) - €15

Shipping to rest of Europe (3-10 business days) - €20,-

Shipping to rest of the world (5-15 business days) - €30,-


  1. Delivery takes place while stocks last.

  2. Delivery takes place at SoleShape unless the parties have agreed upon otherwise.

  3. Delivery of products ordered online takes place at the address indicated by the customer. 

  4. If the agreed price is not paid on time, SoleShape has the right to suspend its obligations until the agreed price is fully paid. 

  5. In the event of late payment, the customer is automatically in default, and hereby he can not object to late delivery by SoleShape.

Delivery period

  1. Any delivery period specified by SoleShape is indicative and does not give the customer the right to dissolution or compensation if this period is not met with, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

  2. The delivery starts once the customer has fully completed the (electronic) ordering process and received an (electronic) confirmation of his order from SoleShape. 

  3. Exceeding the specified delivery period does not entitle the customer to compensation or the right to terminate the contract, unless SoleShape cannot deliver within [number of days late] or if the parties have agreed upon otherwise.

Actual delivery

The customer must ensure that the actual delivery of the products ordered by him can take place in time.

Transport costs 

Transport costs are on behalf of the customer, unless the parties have agreed upon otherwise.

Packaging and shipping 

  1. If the package of a delivered product is opened or damaged, the customer must have a note drawn up by the forwarder or delivery person before receiving the product. In the absence of which SoleShape may not be held liable for any damage.

  2. If the customer himself takes care of the transport of a product, he must report any visible damage to products or the packaging prior to the transport to SoleShape, failing which SoleShape cannot be held liable for any damage.

Insurance Storage 

  1. If the customer orders products later than the agreed delivery date, the risk of any quality loss is entirely for the customer.

  2. Any extra costs as a result of premature or late purchase of products are entirely at the customer's expense.

Sin cuotas escondidas

Todos los precios en nuestro sitio web incluyen impuestos y no hay tarifas ocultas después.

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Entrega rápida y gratuita

Un servicio de entrega totalmente rastreable gratuito en todos los pedidos superiores a 150 € en los Países Bajos.

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Cambios y Devoluciones

Tienes 14 días a partir de la fecha de envío para devolver tu compra.

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